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Primus Rent a Car is a company founded in 2005 to provide luxury and competitive services for professional and personal needs.
Primus Rent a Car is most appropriate solution in your choice of transportation that offers safety, comfort and fast arrival to your destination. Our quality services has become synonymous for tradition and comfort.
The main idea of the inventors of Primus Rent a Car was established based on the need of a new category of transport services.
Primus Rent a Car, offers exceptional experience and adequate infrastructure to provide services for individuals or groups of people within and outside the Republic of Macedonia.
Utramoderate fleet of luxury cars, vans and buses is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Apparent difference of experienced and well trained drivers Primus Rent a Car, is that they not only made transport to the desired destination, but also, shine with their courtesy, accuracy, professionalism and reliability.



The secret of professional success is to make the right choice of associates. For transportation of your VIP guests, directors of your company, Primus Rent a Car provides you with high quality transport service based on visokoprofesionalniot relationship. Also, as your business partner, you ensure that your business correspondents, confidential documents or fragile works will be properly and safely transported to the desired destination.
As a carrier, Primus Rent a Car is proud to offer the power and transport services for people with special needs. For example, transport your children to school, preschool, kindergarden, gymnastics hall and others. The feeling of respect, responsibility and personal attention that applies to Primus Rent a Car, our drivers take and transport cases requiring long waits, personal assistance or more distant destinations.
We make luxurious transportation available to anyone that whant's to try it. So forget the stress of finding parking places, to drink another glass of wine, not to get wet on a rainy day, but let your self enjoy the relaxing moments in luxury while out at night. The driver of Primus Rent a Car will take you to the desired destination with absolute comfort, atmosphere and safety that you deserve.

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