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O footshop


History Of Footshop


When Peter was 11 years old, he spent his yearly savings on the Osiris D3 sneakers.  At that time, he had already been skateboarding for 2 years and experimenting with graffiti. Thanks to the skate club TSC, he was introduced to web design. Later, Peter started organizing dozens of hip-hop concerts. After he moved to Prague, in 2008, he was studying and making his living doing online marketing. In 2011, he decided to combine his interests and so Footshop was founded – a company about sneakers, creativity, and urban lifestyle.

Kovo joined Footshop as a graphic designer. He came up with the idea to sell lifestyle instead of skateboard sneakers, and therefore, Footshop started to gradually add brands like adidas, Nike, Asics, and much more to its assortment. In 2015 there was a big leap in the history of the company when Footshop broke into the world of premium sneaker stores by joining the adidas Consortium family, and by that,  Czech Republic got limited collections of adidas sneakers, including the collection of YEEZY by Kanye West. To add to this success, many world famous companies reacted, and Footshop managed to get the world distribution of the highest level from Vans, Reebok, Puma and kept many more.

We Are Leaders

Now, Footshop is a leader in the Czech and Slovak market, and cooperates with the most significant artists and medias and brings, as the only one, to our region exclusive brands and sneakers collections.


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