myWorld Plug-in

Saving money when shopping online is now easier than ever before with the myWorld Plug-in.

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Add the myWorld Plug-in to your desktop browser.


Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari

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Please note that the myWorld Plug-in will not be activated until you have logged into the myWorld website.

 Cashback Helper

1. Install the myWorld Plug-in

Go to your browser's Web Store and install the myWorld Plug-in as an extension.

 1. Cashback Helper installieren

2. 登入


 2. Einloggen

3. 開始網上購物

Use the myWorld Plug-in to locate the shop of your choice, start shopping and collect Shopping Points and Cashback.

 3. Bequem online shoppen

The benefits of the myWorld Plug-in:

  • 登入後確保不再錯過 Cashback及Shopping Points
  • 所有myWorld合作商家的優惠一目了然
  • 簡單快捷地搜尋合作商家,輕鬆購物!
* 有關邊際報酬取決於所購買之商品及合作商家。因此,網頁上所顯示的資訊並沒有萬全保証。