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Fundada por las artesanas Rosi y Mina en 2005 en Barcelona, RossyMina es un taller artesanal que trabaja el cuero de forma diversa y única.

Founded by two artists and creators Rosi and Mina in 2005 in Barcelona, RossyMina is an artisan lable and leather workshop that makes diverse and unique leather goods. Our atelier-shop is located in the heart of Barcelona's old city in the hip neighborhood of Born where transition and innovation create an ambient of its own. 

Design and Inspiration

Our passion is creating, designing and painting. Each of our collections is inspired in the city we live and the cultures we love. We strive to perfect our items 
translating our inspiration that makes them unique.
We are pleased to satisfy each of our clients who chooses to wear Rossymina´s products. Conceived, designed,made and handpainted by the three artists Rosi, Mina and Davide our products understand and meet the needs of leather lovers. We ensure that every Rossymina item on the market is a unique and guarantee its quality. 

Process and materials
Our products are made with love, RossyMina works only with natural leather. We use superior materials like cows and goat skins, working with local suppliers.
100% handcrafted with traditional hand tools and sown with machine. Each leather goods is cut, stamped, sewen and painted by hand. 
RossyMina´s products are made of carefully chosen high quality leather providing the highest degree satisfaction. 
We pay attention to every detail in order to create a beautiful product designedplease, comfort and perdure. We want to offer you the perfect balance between elegance, style and usefulness. 

Thank you for visiting our shop!
Rosi Mina Davide 


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