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Does your pain or injury stop you from working, playing with your loved ones/friends, sleeping or enjoy your time off? We can help. We take care of your pain/injury, and you go back to your life. Our approach combines modern one-on-one techniques with traditional Chinese method such us: dry needling, acupuncture, IMS, cupping and Guasha.  We provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment with proper exercise program to build solid and steady improvements. We treat lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder injuries, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis/tendinosis, muscles strain/tear, joints sprain, tendon injuries, and Osteoarthritis, Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, vertigo, post-surgical joint replacement, WSIB, Motor vehicle accidents (MVA). We do direct billing with most of the health insurances. For your convenience, we also dispense custom made orthotics, custom made knee brace, braces for different needs, TENS, compression stocking. Additionally, you will receive cashback benefits with the purchase of orthotics, braces, compression stockings, TENS units or any rehabilitation supply you would need. We are looking forward to helping you in your pathway to recover!

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