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40 YEARS OF TRANSFORMING LIVES. The Pursuit of Excellence is about RESULTS. Fast-track your learning and immediately apply cornerstone elements of success and fulfillment. Set a foundation for leadership in both your personal and professional life!

Are you currently living your best life?

Do you wonder how your life might be different if you were maximizing your talents and abilities? 

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality?

Our practical and efficient programs help successful individuals like you to take the next step in your life with excellence. Our programs have proven to be powerful for people from all walks of life. Upfront research into factors required for successful and fulfilled living combined with accelerated training techniques and 40 years of experience deliver outcomes that far exceed participants expectations.

  •  Fun and fast-paced
  • Take place in a trusting, respectful, environment
  • Deliver a powerful combination of immediate results and lifelong tools
  • Transform lives for the good of individuals and the world


Within six months, she doubled her business income...

Renee Wilkins, Financial Consultant, was on her tenth career and fifth relationship and every area of her life felt like a 2 out of 10. She was introduced to the Pursuit of Excellence by a friend that was clearly living a fulfilled, happy and successful life. The results were immediate - every area of her life improved dramatically.

Within 6 months, she doubled her business income, within a year she tripled it and within 5 years she had realized all her long-term goals, personally and professionally. That was 26 years ago! Renee continues to create success and fulfillment in every aspect of her life and every time she wants to notch it up again, she jumps in for a refresher!

It allowed me to move on and create different results...

Over the course of two years, Phyllis attended both the Excellence Series and the Graduate Series. One of the greatest benefits of the journey she experienced was "in seeing how I truly am the creator of my results - all of them - and that was powerful. It allowed me to move on and create different results, make my life better and it inspired me to pursue new goals and dreams."

Soon, she will also be celebrating 30 years of service as a member of the RCMP. "Doing the right thing" is a core value for Phyllis and, in her work as an RCMP Officer and Supervisor, this means having strong abilities in communications, dealing with conflict effectively, self-awareness, and inspiring and encouraging her team. Phyllis says the tools that she gained from ESI has helped her greatly in these areas, and, most importantly, allows her to not simply do her job, but to love her job.
- Phyllis Nielsen, RCMP Officer and Supervisor

Our programs are available in various locations in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Please see the website for a program running closest to you.

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