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International Auto Depot maintains a comprehensive line-up of used cars, trucks and SUVs from manufacturers. Our welcoming, attentive staff is excited to match you with one of our many pre-owned vehicles in our extensive inventory.

Not only are we able to put you behind the wheel of a great car, but we also offer financing for people from any walk of life. Whether you have no credit, good credit or if you're looking to rebuild your credit - we're here to help you.

Our large selection of pre-owned cars is perfect for anyone looking to buy a vehicle, but is uninterested or unable to go the new car route.

All of the vehicles that we receive, here at International Auto Depot, are trade-ins through the Alta Group dealers, which is a great advantage for both you and us! This allows us to keep prices low and affordable for you.

No matter what you're preference is - we've got what you're looking for!

Our selection of "Certified Vehicles" is tried and true, tested for you and ready to drive right off of the lot!

We also offer a variety of vehicles being sold "As Is." These cars are not tested and may need a little extra love and maintenance before hitting the road.

Our collection of "Pre-checked" vehicles is robust and each car is conveniently in an in-between phase. You have options! You can purchase "as is" or you can have it certified for an extra cost. Feel free to choose what suits you best.

Our friendly sales staff is incredibly experienced and possess a wealth of knowledge that you'll definitely benefit from in your vehicle selection process. They're more than eager to help you find you're perfect vehicle, so that you can leave happy.

    Sales:    1 (888) 526-1283
    Service:    (905) 850-2862
    Parts:    (905) 850-2862

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Used Car Sales - benefits given on purchases to a maximum of $12,000
Excludes any additional fees, charges, extended warranty etc..
Any additional negotiations on vehicle price will forfeit Cashback World benefits
Member benefits will be entered following delivery of vehicle

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