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Wellness Pharmacy is committed to providing optimal patient centered pharmacy care to patients in Regina and surrounding areas.  We differentiate ourselves by our dedication to your care that is provided in consultation with you, the physicians involved in your care as well as other care givers.

Our pharmacists are credentialed beyond those typically seen in a community pharmacy environment and have earned graduate degrees, completed hospital pharmacy residency programs and have worked clinically and in collaborative prescribing relationships with others members of the care team.  Although we have the ability to care for all of your needs, our pharmacists have demonstrated expertise and credentialing in:
    •    heart disease
    •    diabetes
    •    smoking cessation
    •    anticoagulation
    •    preventative medicine
    •    weight loss
    •    vitamins, supplements, & herbal therapy

In addition to ensuring that you are on the right medications, at the right doses for you, we provide a variety of other services that help improve medication adherence and health care outcomes including:
    •    Free medication delivery
    •    Free medication bubble packaging
    •    Medication and Supplement review
    •    Medication adherence program
    •    Group education sessions

We are dedicated to serving our clients through exceptional customer service, personalized care and total health.

At Wellness Pharmacy we use a patient centered approach to healthcare, which ensures patients are receiving the best care and assistance with their medication management.

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