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Comprehensive Consultation
We find out what’s REALLY going on inside your body and the root of the problems by feeling your pulse, observing the landscape of your tongue, navel diagnostics and according to an ancient science of energetics according to your date of birth. We will then come up with a meticulously designed treatment plan for each individual including consultations on diet, exercise and life style.

Navel Acupuncture
This is a very powerful and proficient form of acupuncture based on ancient healing philosophy. It can address a wide range of health disorders ranging from simple muscle pain to conditions that involve organ dysfunctions and imbalances in the body. Naval acupuncture requires very few needles, minimizes patient discomfort, is simple to administer, fast working and reliable. It is especially beneficial for pain relief.After observing the navel and making a diagnostic, we insert a very fine needle subcutaneously at the points indicated according to the area of imbalance. This invigorates the inner healing power of the body to bring it back into balance.

Body Acupuncture
Victoria Natural Healing clinic uses classical acupuncture, which is based on a combination of 5 element theory and the 12 meridians. This is a holistic approach to redirect energy from the excess to the deficient to regain a more balanced circulation of energy. Different from Navel acupuncture, the insertion of the needles will be on energy points of different meridians on various parts of the body. It activates the inner post-natal energy to heal.

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Any prescription of herbal treatment is customized for the client based on a detailed consultation and differential diagnosis. The customized formulas used in this clinic are made from GMP approved high quality concentrated herbal extract granules. This means the efficacy is high as well as very safe with no concern about toxic sterilization methods, heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria or Aristolochic Acid.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture
This is a treatment combined with constitutional acupuncture treatment and facial acupuncture treatment in order to achieve a more sustained result.

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