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Chinese Regime and Running a Healthy Lifestyle for Disease Prevention



“Feet Health is the essence of physical well-being”



Foot health barrel employs steam to heat up the feet. Within less than 20 minutes, the heat will sensitize the blood vessels and accelerate blood circulation. This would result in high perspiration and warming up of the whole body. By then, similar to intensive physical exercise, it would simply burn up body fat and help to eliminate the toxic matters from the body.



Foot Health barrel treatment can improve our physical health by continuously stimulating the various blood vessels meridians and pressure points along the feet. At the same time, it also helps to balance the endocrine system in order to enhance the physical well being of the body to protect the body from the invasion of various types of bacteria or viruses, as well as to prevent the occurrence of different diseases. Specifically, it is very effective in the treatment of podalgia, rheumatism, arthritide, hypovolemia, acrohypothermy, as well as hypertension and various foot diseases.


 “Foot Health”



Foot Health barrel treatment helps to improve blood circulation of the body.  Imbalanced lifestyle and diet leading to nutrient deficiency is one of the main causes of feeble limbs. This treatment can alleviate discomfort and pain associated with sore feet. It might as well help to modulate the endocrine glands, to accelerate the body metabolism, and to sooth fatigue and weariness of the body and of the mind. This treatment is very effective in curing insomnia, nervous prostration, weak limbs, incontinence, low sex potency, etc.  In fact, people called feet as the “second human heart” is not groundless. “Human feet are similar to tree roots: drying roots indicates a dying tree and aging always starts at the feet” So, in order to have a healthy body, we must first take care of our feet.








配置:直径42CM、高60CM、厚1.6CM炭化木桶  包装规格45CM X 45CM X 65CM 实用型/普及型/豪华型健足桶

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