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You've probably noticed that Canada - a storehouse of interesting places, events, people that are worth paying attention to. But you can not know all the things that deserve your attention, because there are so many! And they are everywhere! 

Our magazine is designed specifically for you by no means have not missed something important to you. Here you can find interesting and useful articles on the main theme of home storage, current psychology, entertainment. Everyone could find something for themselves. Tips for newcomers, how to arrange their lives in a new, uncharted land. Tips for residents of Canada, how to entertain themselves in between the daily bustle. 
Young families will be able to learn the secrets of raising children, as well as to maintain their relationship for years to come.

Also, you can give to our journal of any kind. Perhaps we can assist you in the successful conclusion of the transaction or the development of your business. Indeed, in Canada, as many Russian-speaking population, and you are unlikely to give up the new people that are interested in your services. 

The purpose of our publication - to help people find what they can not find their own. 
Whether the answer to current problems, a rare specialist or even your relative or an old friend, with whom you have long lost contact. That is to search for your friends and family in our magazine have heading "Wait for me - Canada." 
We very much hope that we can help you in many of your questions. We want to make our magazine interesting for you, that you were advised to people you know, so we put all the power and emotion in his development. 

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