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Are you ready to Celebrate YOU this Mother's Day?

Come to the light!

If you are looking for the answers to your deepest, darkest questions:

- who am I when I'm not needed as a mother? 

- who am I when I'm not there for everyone all the time?

Are you ready to find out who you truly are? 

Gift yourself with the greatest gift: YOU!

Shift your connection to your child and change your life!

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Join Our Online Course 
to heal your child, to heal your inner child and let your shadows go. 
  My offerings to all parents, teachers, social workers, counselors, coaches, nannies, au pairs, and anyone else who's living, working and loving children with any labels through my programme of 10 Silent Sessions, and our 3 hours Workshops, which resolve the following challenges:

Emotional and mental support for parents

• individuality of each parents
• down time for each parents
• embracing and accepting 
• relationship between parents and children 
• relationship between parents of the child

Being parents to a labeled child: 
• how the relationship between mum and dad affects the progress and healing of the child 
• the importance of harmony in the marriage 
• emotional and mental support for both parents of a labeled child 
• how parents as a team can help and empower their labeled child 
• how to connect with your labeled child 
• how to building a strong relationship and rapport with your child 
• how to help siblings of a labeled child 
• creating a strong bond between all your children
• how to spend adequate time with each of your children
• siblings involvement in the labeled child’s progress 

How you can help your labeled child 
• making them feel safe in their bodies and minds 
• creating a safe/secure home environment for them 
• moral support 
• helping find themselves outside of their disabilities/impairments/condition 
• building rapport with them 
• confidence and self esteem 
• mental and emotional support
• importance of body image 
• social, emotional, physical, mental& intellectual empowerment

During my online and live coaching sessions and workshops I'm helping my clients and their children to learn techniques to connect deeper, communicate better, release anxiety and heal generational traumas.

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