Shangri-la Dental and Longevity Center

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DENTIST: Craighall Johannesburg. 068 0208311: Comprehensive Painless Dentistry, Bleaching, Fillings, Heavy Metal Detox, Pediatric Dentistry, Implants, Periodontal Surgery, Orthodontics, Oral Hygiene.

Dental Procedures Offered

Initial Consultation

In order to devise a comprehensive treatment plan, a proper diagnosis needs to be made in order to advise on the optimal way to treat the immediate problem as well as optimize any systemic imbalances that could be affecting the oral health of a patient. The initial consultation consists of: 

  • Lifestyle and Medical History Questionaire
  • Oligoscan Mineral, Heavy Metal and Oxidative Stress Analysis
  • Oral Full Mouth Examination
  • CT Scan and PAN X-ray

Treatments Offered

  • Scale and Polish, Sandblasting
  • Bleaching of Teeth – in chair as well as home bleaching kits, custom made bleaching trays manufacture
  • Fillings – non-metal containing material is used with nanomolecular porcelain components to achieve the best aesthetic results
  • Amalgam Filling Replacement – safe and effective protocol is used when replacing amalgam filling, heavy metal detoxification protocol is advised to clean the body of any residual heavy metals that are still present in the body (see Functional Medicine Protocols)
  • Pediatric Dentistry – treatment of children of all ages in chair or general anesthesia in case of babies
  • Prosthodontic Rehabilitation – crown and bridgework, removable dentures, screw-retained over-dentures, veneers. All our reconstructive work uses biocompatible materials that are certified metal-free and will not result in any toxicity to the patient.
  • Dentoalveolar Surgery – simple and complicated extractions, including impacted with teeth. Local or general anesthesia (we use operating theater at Rosebank Hospital)
  • Implantology – single and multiple placement of Implants including Prosthodontic Reconstruction
  • Periodontal Surgery – treatment of infected gums and periodontosis
  • Orthodontics – fixed and removable braces, including Invisiline
  • Painless Dentistry – local anesthesia (topical local followed by the wand) or general sedation using dormicum, acupuncture to enhance effectiveness
  • Alternative Oral Hygiene protocols – Oil Pulling and Pro-biotic supplementation

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