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 The use of traditional Chinese medicine meridian health-preserving principle combined with modern science and technology can effectively improve the male prostate problem, is an effective instrument for prostate disease! Two advantages: 1. High-efficiency direct access to the lesion. Because of the special physiological structure of the prostate, the drug can not reach the lesion site directly, which reduces the effect of drug treatment. It can not effectively kill the bacteria, which makes the prostate repeatedly difficult to heal. It has become a major problem in the treatment of prostatitis. According to the principle of negative pressure, BBT uses the high-frequency vibration of the gas-blood circulating cup to produce shock wave, penetrates the prostate capsule, and directly reaches the lesion site to kill bacteria, and repair and improve the damaged lesion tissue.

Diseases do not pick people, we must pay attention to health!

Whether it's a star or an ordinary person, soldiers come down like mountains, and sickness goes like threads! Everyone is equal before illness. But not everyone is equal. Because in the face of expensive medical costs, the "inequality" between the rich and the poor, between the stars and the ordinary people appears! Because ordinary people are more likely to be poor because of illness and return to poverty because of illness.
Disease does not wait for people, health care must be prepared as soon as possible!
Any investment you make in the world is likely to lose money, and only health investment will never lose money! _____________
Happiness comes from health
Happiness comes from health
With health, everything you have will make you feel happy!

 BBT adopts the principle of rhythmic negative pressure, which integrates cupping, massage, massage and acupuncture of traditional Chinese medicine into one. Many methods of dredging meridians and collaterals are carried out at the same time. It combines negative oxygen ions, far infrared ray and high frequency vibration. It originates from traditional Chinese medicine health preservation and its effect is higher than traditional Chinese medicine health preservation.
Mainly adopts the nursing concept of "dredging first, then maintenance", carries out physical examination first, finds out the problems of the chest, and then uses the dual conditioning method of "instrument dredging massage + deep nursing dredging" to remove the "unnecessary" troubles of the chest.


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