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Thinking about becoming a member?

When joining Sector 7, you will be receiving a personalized CPF Sector 7 house board. (The board is included in the once off registration fee) 

As a member, the following infrastructure is available to you and is included in your membership: 

You will be put onto a WhatsApp group which is relevant to your immediate area. The WhatsApp groups are used for communicating with members and we use the groups to notify you of any potential threats in the sector. 

📻RADIO📻 (to be purchased separately)
The radio remains the fastest way to get help in an emergency. 
The radio's are on a closed and secure frequency.

As a member, you can download the Bullhorns Panic Button app on your Android or iOS phone which is linked to the Sector 7 office. 

This meeting is held on the first Thursday of every month at the AFM church hall at 88 Libertas street Noordheuwel ext 4 at 19H00. The meeting is normally takes about an hour. 

You will be put on various SMS groups which are relevant to your membership conditions. The SMS's are used for communicating with members and we also allow for the sending of alerts from our members via the sms channel. 

We send out a monthly newsletter via email and it will keep you updated with what is happening in our sector. 

Our office is at the TOTAL garage on the corner of Lud Hersch and Robert Broom.

The patrollers are the heart and soul of the CPF and Community Watch. We have patrollers out in the area day and night. 
Some of our patrollers are also First Aiders and can assist with first aid in a medical emergency whilst we are waiting for the paramedics to arrive. 
Please note that all of the patrollers are volunteers and they are residents in the sector. 

Sector 7 has CCTV cameras placed at strategic places in the sector to monitor movement of those who come in and out of our Sector.

We have a dedicated group for lost and found animals. We understand the importance of having a pet in your home and they are in many cases part of the family as well as being there for your protection. 
Should you need any further information please send us an inbox message, visit the office during our office hours or send a mail to / 

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