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Tasneens Linen is a manufacturer and retailer of hospitality bed linen, table linen, gowns and various other hotel textiles. We specialize in bespoke orders, allowing you to customize your linen and gown sizes to suit your needs. 

As we grow, we promise to stay true to our core, to always give expert advice and timeously deliver high quality products. We pursue excellence, our dedication to the client will show in everything we do. We promise to always act with integrity. How we do business is as important to us as the business we do.

Our products include:

  • blankets and baby blankets
  • linen, duvets, pillows (standard sizes or customised)
  • mattress protectors and pillow protectors (standard sizes or customised)
  • towels, facecloths and dishcloths
  • bathrobes/gowns for men and women
  • towel poncho (made with two towels of your choice, incl pockets and hoodie)
  • masks
  • embroidery on or alternations to any items purchased from our store

If you are not in Cape Town, please take a look at our online shop, at www.tasneenslinen.co.za for items available for delivery.

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