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Bio-Logic has the

  • fastest acting & most effective nasal de-congestant;
  • cold & flu prevention sprays plus;
  • safest hand & device sanitisers -made from natural plant sugars.

It's truly ...  "Life . Changing"
"Breathe-In-30" tm challenge!!  See the video on Our products are loved by Mom's, sports folks, "high" flyiers and travellers; as our products protect & keep their families healthy, saving a lot of money in Dr consults & chemical based pharmaceutical medicines.

Our sani-spray tm ENT is effective for daily nasal health, a less-than-30 second sinus decongestant, as well as preventing and stopping upper respiratory infections before/as they start; allowing you to perform at your best and not to miss a training session, competition, meeting or special event.

Sports folks and Travellers value the comfort and health maintaining aspects of preventing 'mid-ear pop', preventing viral & bacterial illnesses and keeping nasal membranes moist.

The sani-wash tm is particularly loved by ladies, to sanitise their hands and bodies (some even using it as a natural deoderant), whilst leaving their skin soft and smoothe while on the go and keeping their kids clean and healthy, whilst being non-toxic. From contact hygiene, to messy meal hands, toys, keyboards, phones, steering wheels, gear levers, handles, money, biometrics, or for odour and infection control on bodies, clothes and around the home of when visiting public spaces. A cooling spritzer or as a wipe-off bath on the move while travelling or in hospital.

Sports folks enjoy protection underarm, on clothes, in shoes, gloves & helmets. Also effective on athletes foot, ring worm, eczema (some), cuts, wounds, grazes and burns.

With a Log 5 "Kill Rate" of 99.999%, it is 1,000 times more effective than most other sanitisers, due to its mechanical kill by dissolving of pathogens membranes on contact, as quickly as within 30 seconds; with no resistance capability. Kills viruses, bacteria and fungi - even the anti-biotic resistant hospital bug!!

Safe enough for accidental ingestion by Children and Pets!!
It's truly ...  "Life . Changing"

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