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The classes are presented in a relaxed manner and alternated with play. The success of water skills lies in routine, perseverance, conditioning and lots of patience.

Akwa Akademie’s swimming pools are free from chlorine and chemicals and make use of ozone, a healthy,
environment friendly alternative. Babies and children can swim without side-effects from chemicals, such as
skin irritations and burning eyes. Ozone is more powerful and quicker acting than any of its chemical
comparatives such as chlorine and is also known to kill all bacteria types that others cannot, through normal,
safe levels of concentration.

Lessons take place in heated indoor facilities with water temperatures of 28 – 32 degrees Celsius.


Our vision and mission is to create an environment where every swimmer is encouraged to develop to the full potential of his or her ability by:

 teaching children to enjoy water, understand and respect it and learning how to swim;
 impressing safety upon swimmers as well as parents;
 contributing to building a good self-image;
 presenting a well-founded and stimulating curriculum;
 acknowledging diversity in the community, respecting one another and encouraging tolerance;
 treating everyone equally and giving them equal opportunities; and
 creating a positive, safe learning environment and atmosphere.  

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