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The LACA body shape wear is manufactured with a special weaving technique, called the “Six angle diamond weaving technique”. This ensures that uniform pressure is applied on each of the required areas. This will ensure that the fat areas are addressed, but will not suppress bone development .Thereby maintaining a healthy body.

The Fat Replacement Principle:
Due to the elasticity of the body fiber, fat can be moved, relocated and rearranged using vibration and compression. Some body fat can therefore be moved to other parts of the body to improve body curvature, such as the breasts and buttocks areas.
Natural body movement results in the burning of fat and can be used to burn up excess fat where it is not desired.     
Chinese medical research : 100% adults having spinal problems. 80% of chronic disease course from spinal deformities . 87% of spinal diformities course from feet skeletal deformities . 
Wear insoles to better your back and walking up-straight. Have a better posture and straight back. 
Skeletal deformities cause three major diseases
1. Skeletal disease ( cervical spondylisis, Thoracic myelopathy, Lumbar disc protrusion,Lateral curvature, Spinal twist, Spinal canal stenosis, X type leg, O type leg, Crusher bone, High arch, Flat feet, Pelvic displacement, Rheumatism ,Rheumatoid disease, Hunchback, Ankylosing spondylitis, Femoral head necrosis )
2. Skeletal deformity > press on nerve > cause Nerve system under average > chronic disease (Abdominal distension, Indigestion, Stomachache , Hypoglycemia, Diabetes, Fibroid ,Mammalgia, Breasts tubercle, Irregular menstruation )
3. Skeletal deformity > Crackdown blood vessel, > Cause blood circulation disease ( Migraine, Shortness of breath, Hypertension, Hypotension, Heart disease, Heart throb ,Ringing in the ears, Poor sleeping quality , Dizzyness, Memory deterioration, Cerebral blood supply deficiency )

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