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Health Checkups with assistance in Wellbeing with Nutrition, Alternative medicine & treatment at cellular level with medical devices. Body alignment & Water aerobics classes.  Hydrotherapy in a heated, indoor pool.

Our equipment removes heavy metal and toxins from the body. Builds, cleanses & renews cells. Chronic conditions simply vanish. It includes motion-, thermal- & electric energy.

Far infrared ray therapy enhance oxidation to activate physiological function, inhibit cancer cell proliferation, relieve pain & inflammation, resurrect regeneration function, increase vitality, helps muscular & nervous systems. 

Major benefits like spinal alignment, blood circulation, lymph drainage, energy enhancement and relief of pain and inflammation.

Some equipment can also be bought to be used in the comfort of your home.

We can provide to corporate special packages for Workplace Health programs and Staff Welfare. Productivity, concentration and overall health can be improved for your employees.


These treatments are relaxing without any strain on the joints....why be ill. 

Any sickness can be reversed.



Wellness department 8:00 – 5h60

Fitness department 7h30 – 6h30

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