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Leeder Industrial is a company based Krugersdorp, Gauteng.

Leeder Industrial services its clients through the supply of goods & equipment required by the industry.

The Company was started from humble beginnings & is successfully showing a steady growth rate.


Leeder Industrial deals in quality well – known brand name products.  With the trusted brands of machinery and equipment ensures that the products that Leeder Industrial supplies is of high standard and quality wanting only the best for our clients, with many including warranties.

Leeder Industrial supplies a vast range of products however, should it happen that a client cannot find the product they’re looking for Leeder  will be sure to quickly but surely find quality products of what the customer is looking for and bring it forth to the client and at a competitive price.

Leeder is flexible & the staff at Leeder are positive happy people that greet clients and customers with respect and with a smile, always having the clients’ needs before anything and doing anything to make sure the client is satisfied and happy with the service product and overall experience they have with Leeder Industrial.

Leeder strives for excellence, good prices and great quality in business and succeeds at doing so, if any problem occurs whatsoever Leeder  is sure to fix it swiftly and quickly to ensure deadlines are met and the clients remain happy as well as deliver orders on time and in 100% condition, no damage to any products on arrival.

Some Product Lines from Leeder Industrial are;

Solar Geysers

The energy from the sun and a quality solar water heater supplied by Leeder offer our clients hot water with an affordable initial outlay. Aside from the obvious benefits, these systems reduce the load on Eskom. Long term benefits include a reduction in greenhouse emissions and a cleaner environment. 

Changing your home to take advantage of solar water heating for your Family or Business is not extremely involved. A solar water heater supplied by Leeder is SABS approved, to protect you as a consumer against poor performance and to provide you with peace of mind. 

A solar water heater supplied by Leeder is designed and manufactured to give you years of trouble free service. Extremely efficient and on a good solar collection day should require no electrical input at all if the unit is sized correctly to your Family or Business  needs. 

A solar water heater supplied by Leeder requires fitment by suitably qualified personnel, which will be undertaken when required.

Leeder Solar high pressure water heaters are available in 100 liter, 150 liter, as well as 200 litre capacities, while the Leeder Solar gravity feed water heater is available in 110 litres only.



Leeder Industrial supplies a range of solar power units suitable for powering various appliances in your home.

Solar energy is used to power equipment such as, water heaters, lighting, water pumping, power generation, and many more. Solar energy, like all other renewable energies, is very safe and because there are no harmful emissions is environmentally friendly.


Lighting Towers


With ever rising fuel and maintenance costs. The need for the potential of clean, renewable energy solutions. Reduced operational costs, which would facilitate off the grid energy supply. The manufacturing of Mobile light tower trailers to the industry has been of significant importance.

 The Leeder product range therefore consists of the following choices.

·      Solar Lighting Trailers

·      Battery Lighting Trailers

·      Hybrid Lighting Trailer

·      Tripod Portable Lighting Unit


Leeder Lighting

LED Lighting, the advancement of technology particularly with regard to LED lighting over its present day counterparts can only be compared to the difference between Thomas Edison’s carbon filament light and the candle.

LED’s when compared to CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent  Lights) and Incandescent lamps  (IL’s)shows a life span of 6 x CFL’s and 40 x IL’s with a power consumption and therefore running costs of 50% of CFL’s and 10% of IL’s.

Environmentally,  LED’s are more friendly avoiding the use of mercury (CFL’s) and generating more light output /watt in ratios similar to power consumption thereby reducing carbon emission from fossil fuelled power stations.

All in all LED lighting is similar to Leeder Industrial – ahead of tomorrow.

Leeder Electrical and Plumbing

Leeder believes Customer service is our top priority, quality service and strives to provide our clients with an affordable means of electrical and plumbing repair. We will ensure that your premises will be free of any electrical and plumbing problems or concerns.


The Home Handyman

Leeder Industrial caters for the needs & desires of the D.I.Y. enthusiast in all aspects.


A summary of what Leeder Industrial offers is;


Electrical Products

·         Led tubes

·         Led Lights

·         Industrial lights

·         Heavy duty Vehicle Lights

·         Solar power

·         Welders

·         Generators

·         Domestic and industrial switches and circuit breakers

·         Light Towers and Trailers


Solar fitments

·         Geysers

·         Panels

·         Solar back up power

·         Heating systems

·         Solar powered Trailers for backup power and lighting


·         Geysers

·         Bathroom fittings

·         All plumbing Fittings



Leeder has a wide range of tools for any type of application

·         Auto Motive repair

·         Panel beating

·         Electrical

·         Plumbing

·         Metal work

·         Wood work

·         General maintenance

·         Gardening We hope that Leeder Industrial will be of interest to you.


Operating Hours:

8 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday

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