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Although our office is situated in Brits and our temporary keeping facilities near Mooinooi in the North West Province, we deliver a service to our current client base throughout the whole of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.


CAWS (Pty) Ltd guarantee the live delivery of game to your game farm in an excellent condition, with the risk of the said animals transferring to the buyer once the animal steps of our vehicle with all fours touching ground.


Should an animal be injured during translocation and before step-off, you, as valued customer, does not pay for the animal.


The same guarantee applies to the capture of live game by CAWS (Pty) Ltd on your farm, where the risk of injury transfers to CAWS (Pty) Ltd once the animals steps osteps on to our vehicle at the capture site. Should any animal be injured once it steps onto our vehicle, you, as valued customer, will be paid in full for such an animal

However, should CAWS (Pty) Ltd render a service of capture and translocation or only translocation to you as valued customer, the risk of injury of the animal will stay with you as the owner, although we will still handle and care for the animal as if we were responsible for the risk of any injury.

This is the level of commitment we here at CAWS (Pty) Ltd pride ourselves in!!

Should you wish to sell, buy or translocate game, please contact CAWS (Pty) Ltd for a free quotation.

We are looking forward to being of service to you for many years to come.


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