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Rael Kahn Design Studios has been in existence since 1987, designing and manufacturing bespoke jewellery to order, for discerning clients as well as the more up market jewellery stores in South Africa. The business was founded by Rael and with his ongoing hands on approach, each hand crafted item gets the benefit and expertise of his talent and years in the industry.


For Rael, each day and each new piece he designs is a continual learning process, a passion he started with in 1980, designing and manufacturing jewellery in gold, platinum and silver, as well as his own specialized range of stainless steel cable and gold jewellery.


Under Rael’s guiding hand, RKDS was the designer and manufacturers of the now famous 46664 Nelson Mandela Bangles, from the drawing board, perfecting the original prototype, through to the manufacturing of this one of a kind range of bangles which have been sold around the world, including one custom made for Morgan Freeman.


Jewellery is not a daily purchase, like bread, milk and fuel. It is not about choosing what is on special this week or cutting corners to save a few rand on the groceries.  Rael’s clients at RKDS very quickly become partners in creating their own pieces, benefitting from his approachable manner and willingness to listen to their vision and being able to create what the clients desire. No wonder that so much of his work is repeat business.


The one-on-one consultation to ensure personal satisfaction and meeting the client’s expectations, make the purchase a unique experience, whether it is that first time engagement ring or adding to a collection as an investment, each piece and the client get the attention they deserve.


RKDS have done extensive work for the insurance industry maintaining and ensuring prices are well within the customers’ insured range, while still offering quality of the highest standard.

All pieces are hallmarked and a strict quality control of gold and stones is adhered to. Where possible, all certificates of grading are passed on to the customer guaranteeing the authenticity of their stones.


All pieces created are shipped with a valuation certificate and RKDS are well positioned to do valuations on any other jewellery you may already have.


Jewellery has for centuries, been the most mobile art form known to man and each piece you own, should project your outlook on life, your ways, your uniqueness. RKDS are well positioned to assist you with this journey.


Office Hours

09h00 to 16h30 Mon to Friday By Appointment

Arrangements can be made for Saturdays

Sunday and public holidays, closed

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