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Allowing the flow of what will be, we have learned over many years the finest and most intricate possibilities of the powerful healing benefits of nutrition. This journey has led us down the path of super nutrient dense foods, herbs, oils and health products that are natural to Mother Gaia. We use these products in combination to assist people to optimise their health and wellness using products that maintain alkalinity within the body, cleanse the body’s water system and feed it nutrients so powerful the body remains in homeostasis.


Starting off with only Hemp Protein and Hemp Hearts, we have for many years had a desire to assist people with the greatest possible nutrition with all the benefits or pure natural products. We enjoyed every moment, having been challenged to better ourselves in understanding knowledge of food, healthy eating, calisthenics fitness, yoga, mindfulness, meditation and the benefits of the practice of this way of life, we chose to dive into this beautiful field of life waiting for us all to share a piece of the energy together. Today at SynerChi we have built this empire for you all, for all of you to gain the best out of your health and wellness. We want to see you thrive in life, not suffer… When we learn that our food is either our life or our death, we will choose life. It is a human quality. We walk through this journey together and guide you on the most beautiful path for yourself as an individual towards your greatest health – Love and healing light the SynerChi Family.


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