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Fifth Element Sportswear brings fashionable sportswear to active women and men who desire to express their individual style.  From our head-office in Stellenbosch, we service all our fitness enthusiasts nation-wide through our online store.

Our fashion sportswear is made with high performance fabrics that does not only look good, but is built for support and keeps you dry and cool.  It will inspire you to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle.  Our fully coordinated outfits are designed to transition from the gym to the street to get out and go in style.

EARTH – stay grounded

The earth element is the foundation of all elements.  It’s the combination of balance, perseverance and focus.  Our earth range specializes in sportswear for all grounded fitness training whether you are training in the gym, studio or running to stay active.

FIRE – have passion in your heart

Fire, the element of will, passion, change and intensity.  The fire range includes some bold and colourful designs for all men who desire to express their individuality.  This range is not only strikingly beautiful and unique, but also practical and affordable.

WATER – dive deeper

Water symbolizes power and strength.  It can wash away earth, put out fire and carve its way through stone, yet nothing is softer and more flexible than water.

Our water range includes rash guards, surf leggings, swimwear and wet suits for all water sports.

AIR – move freely

Air is the manifestation of movement and of sound.  Air is also the power of the mind, our inspiration and imagination.  It aids us in the visualization and realization of our ideas and dreams.

Our air range consists of dance apparel – beautiful leotard designs, soft tulle skirts and other specialized accessories suitable for ballet, barre and all other classical forms of dance.

Fifth Element

This is the element of Spirit, known as Ether or Akasha.  It is the primal source of energy that creates and fuels the other elements.  Akasha is present within our bodies, the spark of life known as the soul.

The fifth element has no direction, yet encompasses all directions. It is the Center, the circumference, above and below. It is beyond seasons and time, yet is all seasons and time.


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