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Notice is required for custom made cakes. Send us a picture of what you would like and we will send you a quote. Phone 021 982 3512, email sales@oumasewinkel.co.za, or WhatsApp Mattheus on 0835640640 or Stuart on 0828057620.


Mattheus and Brenda Heyns took over Ouma se Spens in 2003, and over time, the name was changed to Ouma se Winkel. In 2012, after Brenda became seriously ill, Stuart van der Watt bought a 50% stake in Ouma se Winkel. Brenda's focus was not on making money, but on satisfying each client's request and went to great lengths to make it possible. Even though she was ill, she still made a contribution to the store's products from home and came up with the most creative delicacies.

Thanks to the thorough training Brenda provided to the staff, the business is still going strong, even after she passed away in November 2013.

90% of all products sold in the store are made on the premises. People come from far and wide just for the pies, with about 1000 pies are sold every 3 to 4 days.

Mattheus and Stuart's vision is to follow the high standard that Brenda set, and to always make the customers feel special, since without the customers Ouma se Winkel would not exist.

Visit Ouma se Winkel for our legendary milk tarts, pies and custom cakes.

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