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We provide the following sanitation & disinfection products and services

1.Zoono GermFree24 hand sanitiser. One application works continuously for 24 hours (even after hand-washing).

2.Zoono Z-71 Surface disinfectant. One application works continuously for 30 days.

3.Fogging & disinfection cleaning services.

We provides non-toxic antibacterial fogging services in order to lessen the impact of Covid-19. The products that we utilize kills germs, bacteria and viruses in places where manual sanitation processes cannot reach. It is a treatment that bonds to virtually everything killing 99,99% of all contaminations.

We provide sanitising and disinfectant services to Residential and Industrial Environments, including Educational, Professional Facilities, Hospitality, Retail Spaces, Areas of Mass Gathering and Public places as well as all types of transport to name a few.
Call, SMS or WhatsApp on 0647369450 or 0713830416

Zoono is effective for far longer periods than regular sanitisers. Over 150 independent lab tests verify its surface staying-power.
Remember, "Prevention is the New Normal"

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