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Pro Homecare Services was officially started in 2017,  due to the need for newborn jaundice babies to receive treatment at home (phototherapy). It was therefore why Sr. Goslett invested in phototherapy equipment that would allow parents to have their babies treated in the comfort of their own homes and the treatment is fully covered by the medical aids.
The treatment range grew from there to include assisting mothers with breastfeeding, weighing the babies and making sure they gain weight properly, health advice to the mother recovering from birth and eventually giving the vaccines to the babies and children as per Government regime.
During Covid there were many requests from specialists to provide treatment at home, instead of in hospital. That would range from Intravenous rehydration and antibiotics, to providing wound care.
Other services offered are the giving of injections as per scripts or just Vitamin B injections to boost energy levels. There is also IV Therapy provided which helps for a variety of conditions (chronic fatigue, chronic pain, immune boosting and also boosters for athletes prior to big events).
Basic healthcare services are provided including amongst other things: Blood pressure, Cholesterol, Blood sugar, Urine etc. Blood can also be drawn for any tests required and taken to the relevant laboratory. Results conveyed to patients and treating doctors.
There are many people wanting first aid level 1 training for work purposes or perhaps as part of self-improvement. Some companies also need basic health clearance checks for their staff and this too can be provided.
Many other services included such as: Nebulisation, Stoma care, Catheter care, Naso-gastric insertion and care, etc.
There really is a vast range of clinic and medical services that can be offered. This includes services that historically require admission to a hospital, but can be arranged with the specialist and medical aid to rather be done at home and be covered in full by the medical aid.
Contact Sr. Nadine Goslett to discuss your specific needs and a tailor-made plan can be arranged for you, in the comfort of your home, or if needed at your workplace.

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