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We have specialised in embroideries of dog breeds onto many items, towels, make up bags/pencil cases, cushion covers (45cm x 45 cm), shopping bags, handbags, golf shirts, t shirts, sew on badges, fridge magnets to name a few.  We have a small range of horses and cats and the odd bird.

 South African Wildlife is my other passion, with lots of items suitable for overseas gifts, light enough to travel with.

Corporate logos are welcome, some will require digitizing by a professional, others if it is just a font we can generally convert these ourselves into a format the embroidery  machine understands.

Names on items ( eg towels, gowns) with or without a picture to accompany them are extremely popular for wedding gifts, baby gifts, birthday presents. 
We do carry a large range of ready made items, for those last minute items needed especially for the overseas visitors .

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