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My lifedream is to help broken people to be healed through music and colour therapy.

I achieved the following:

1. B.A. Degree: 1980. Stellenbosch University: Psychology, Philosophy as majors
2. B.Th: 1984. Stellenbosch University
3. M.Th: 1994. Stellenbosch University. Major subject in Missiology
4. Diploma in counseling: 1995. Unisa.
5. M.A: 2009: North-West University. Music therapy to the emotionally injured.
6. D.Th: 2009: Biblical Counseling. Therapon University (USA)
7. D.Th: 2015: Counseling and Life Skills. Therapon University (USA)
8. Ph.D: 2016: Interdisciplinary studies. Therapon University (USA)
• 2017: Moderator: “Tswane Institute of Technology”
• Since 1997, Dr. Falck a private practice and is part-time involved in schools, companies, counseling, training, marriages, conflict management, study modes, sports coaching and other psychic crises.
• As the main source, he uses the Bible and music and color.

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