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We are the specialists in flooring

We do dust Free Floor Sanding:          
- We have been doing dust free sanding since 2001, our machines have bags that stores the dust
- The machines we use keeps 98% of the dust in the bags           
- The sanding machines are Bona Belt Sanders           

- It provides perfect sanding results when used by experts
We use a wide variety of high quality products to meet individual needs
- Solvent based sealers > These sealers normally less expensive but if used to specification it can provide a strong finish which, with proper maintenance, will last for many years.
- Water based sealers > These normally more expensive but stronger than solvent based sealers. Maintenance is done less frequently.
- Oil or Polish > Many customers prefer their floors to be oiled or polished. This however calls for more regular maintenance of the floor.
The products we use helps to manipulate the final finish of the floor:
- Lighter or darker
- Change the colour of the wood
- Gloss, matte or in between
- More resilient to traffic
- To suit the maintenance the client prefers
Please contact us if you would like more information about the products we use.

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