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Protea Interiors is a Pretoria based company that strives to deliver perfection and customer satisfaction.

Owner and Interior Designer, Hannelore Dagutat developed a passion for Interior Design at a very early age. Knowing that this is her calling in life she completed her four year Bachelors degree at the University of Pretoria.

Hannelore’s passion for design, her studies and years of experience in the design industry has allowed her to develop her own functional, yet sophisticated style.

Through Hannelore’s perception of clients wishes, she incorporates color, textures, art/objects and furnishings to create a harmonious flow for each area. Striving to produce interiors that will reflect the client’s lifestyle and personality.

Hannelore is adamant that in order to create a beautiful interior space, the project must be well-managed, the client’s requirements carefully considered, and the budget respected.

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