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ISL Enterprises (Pty) Ltd are the Sole Agents for Riken Keiki in Africa.
Vast experienced and trained technicians, coupled with a well equipped Service Department makes Riken Keiki and ISL Enterprises the best choice.

We supply gas monitors for safety applications, including but not restricted to, fumigation, confined space, air quality monitoring and industry. Mining and Vehicle Manufacturers can feel confident about using our products in their environment.
Riken Keiki Co. Ltd of Japan has manufactured gas monitors for over 80 years.
With over 80 years of sensor technology experience, Riken Keiki manufacture of the highest quality sensors in the world.
Riken Keiki gas monitors are the longest lasting and can detect more gas ranges than any other manufacturer.
From the personal portable instruments to multi-point continuous monitoring fixed systems, Riken Keiki does it all.

Onsite training is provided for use of our gas monitors to Government Employees at additional cost.

Kindly phone or email us for further information.
021 930 2354

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