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Marketing consultations are by appointment only and can be in-person, or via Zoom or Video Chat. Access Consciousness sessions are in-person only, by appointment.


Footprint Marketing can assist with your business and life from two sides. We have access to wellness products and procedures to streamline your brain and general health, to set you up for optimum business (and life!) decisions. Our marketing side can can set up your digital footprint and marketing campaigns, including websites, marketing images and newsletters.

Improve your health and wellness, including clarity and focus, while improving your business and achieving your goals. All of these treatments are non-invasive and non-chemical. Access Consciousness treatments are fully-clothed treatments in a chair or on a massage bed, with the laying of hands on or above certain areas of the head or body. No conversation required during treatments!

  • Access Consciousness: Bars: "defrag your brain", improve your mindset and release any subconscious blocks preventing you from being your best self. This has been beneficial in the healing of trauma and management of PTSD, as well as regulating sleep patterns and relieving daily stress.
  • Access Consciousness: MTVSS: This is often the tool of choice that is used to assist anywhere the body is not working properly. It works with the molecules. It can be used to balance the immune system, whole body i.e. spine, kidneys, adrenals, etc. the joints & 11 organ systems.
  • Access Consciousness: Lymphatic Glandular treatment: clearing and balancing the lymph system so that it works efficiently.
  • Lifewave phototherapy patches: improve organ function, assist with healing and health, without the use of drugs and chemicals. Patches can also be used to assist with fitness training.

Take your business online:
  • websites
  • funnel landing pages
  • social media presence
  • magazines and newsletters
  • digital marketing campaigns

Individual marketing:
  • digital invitations for any social event
  • adverts for anything that you are selling, ready for WhatsApp and social media

We offer two monthly newsletters for the South African market:
  • News Digest includes current South African financial and economic news
  • Discovery News has detail on Discovery Health and Vitality products.

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