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Vitality Disc is an official brand under the Tri-Vortex technology banner.
Tri-Vortex is an natural healthcare Technology that uses advanced resonance techniques to embed a subtle resonance into our stainless steel range of products
These products have proven to benefit all living cells, humans, animals as well as plants!
List of benefits are endless, but here is our favourates: Natural pain relief, Structured water for better hydration, Increased cellular oxygen concentration, protection against cell phone radiation and lastly - improved energy and performance!

Over Millennia Nature has found ways to balance energy through the symbiosis of light, sound and geometry. We have been harnessing the true power of these incredible forces as is evident in solar energy, hydroelectric power stations & tidal energy turbines. We also know that sound travels through metals, concrete and even our own bodies! Now we are able to apply the same principles with a process Of Bio-Mimicry (copying Geometry In Nature). Our Proprietary Equipment Imparts Natural Resonances Into Products And Materials.Treated products can be beneficial for pain relief from various conditions without chemical intervention.

Correct Hydration is the foundation to all good health! Using the Vitality Disc range of products will help achieve that goal.

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