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Esmeraldo & Associates is a small law firm situated in Cape Town’s new business hub, Century City.

We are described as a “virtual” law firm as we have abandoned the ivory tower and incorporated effortlessness of technology while evading excessive expenses. Esmeraldo & Associates is built to provide smooth, malleable and client-focused services. 

We use uniform logistic structures, simple offices and modes of technology to provide a high quality service at a reasonable price.
We believe that clear communication, excellent service and a quick turnaround time sets us apart from our colleagues.

We are a full service law firm committed to excellent service, personal and elevated quality support and efficient solution-orientated results. Esmeraldo & Associates has a unique approach: simple, direct and adamant quest of solutions and results for our clients. Our client’s triumph is ultimately our own.

We have a built-in function and self-regulating mechanism whereby we ensure active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms.
We aim to obtain most favourable results for our client by means of a proficient and committed approach.

Our Practice Areas:
Litigation is proceedings initiated between two opposing parties to implement or protect a legal right. Litigation is characteristically settled by agreement between the parties, but may also be heard and decided by in court. Litigation comprises any number of actions before, during, and after a legal action to enforce a legal right. In addition to the actual legal action, pre-suit negotiations, arbitrations, facilitations and appeals may also be part of the litigation process.
We offer the following services:

  • Civil litigation in the Magistrate’s, the Regional and the High Court 
  • Matters pertaining to divorce and maintenance
  • Matters pertaining to children’s rights, adoption and custody
  • Court interdicts and urgent court applications
  • Contractual disputes
  • Evictions
  • Applications for insolvency, liquidation, sequestration and rehabilitation
  • Employment law
  • Domestic Violence matters
  • Property disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Bad Debt recovery;
  • Managing opposition and Rescission process within Debt Review and Administration orders, together with termination letters with regards to delivery and tracking of Debt review termination letters and Debt review applications;
  • Criminal Litigation in the High Courts, Regional Courts and Magistrate Courts
  • Construction and Engineering Law
  • General Litigation Law

Commercial Law and Corporate Law:

In the field of mergers and acquisitions we assist in negotiations with the target entity; drafting of memorandum of incorporations and conduct a legal due diligence on the target company, assessing what legal liabilities exist. These liabilities are frequently present or pending litigation; negotiable debt instruments, labour and property issues related to the ownership and later, transfer.
We can assist with the registration of a company or the setting up of a business trust. We also assist with the drafting and negotiating of shareholder, share transfer; acquisition; partnership, letters of intent, memorandum of understanding; debtors and finance agreements.
Estates and Trusts:

  • Administration of Deceased Estates and Trusts
  • Estate Planning
  • Formation and administration of Inter-vivos and testamentary trusts
  • General Estate and Trust Law
  • Drafting and updating of Wills

Family Law:

  • Divorce and custody Matters
  • Divorce Mediation
  • General Family Law
  • Maintenance Applications
  • Matrimonial Contracts
  • Live in Partnership / Cohabitation Agreements
  • Prenuptial Contracts / Antenuptial Contracts:
  • Matrimonial Law
  • Children’s rights and custody
  • Parenting Planning
  • Postnuptial Contracts
  • International Divorce

Debt Collections:

We aim to assist clients with the collection of debts, no matter how big or small, in the most cost-effective way possible. We also direct clients of the essential steps, documentation and application of actions to guarantee a well-organized debt collection plan with the goal to keep bad debts at a lowest cost.
Our services sectors include:

  • Financial Services 
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services Rendered
  • Wholesaling
  • Services Rendered
  • Goods supplied and delivered

Property Law:

  • Drafting of sales agreement;
  • General compliance before buying or selling a property;
  • Sale transfers / estate transfers / donation transfers / divorce transfers / etc.;
  • The state of or remedy required in building compliance;
  • The extent and limitations of real rights and limited real rights in property;
  • Sectional title schemes and their management and
  • Property rights, the enforcement thereof or resolving property related disputes
  • Other property related matters


Transparency billing practices is essential feature of Esmeraldo & Associates. We believe that being effective Attorneys means maintaining open lines of communication with our clients by answering brief questions and respond to emails and texts at minimal costs.
We offer supple pricing to suit respective client’s explicit necessities, including flat costs for document preparation and reciprocally amenable hourly restraints for hourly projects. 
We at all times converse pricing in detail, in advance.

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