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Code Blue offers Cash Back world members benefits (Cash back and Shopping Points) on all upgrades and alarm installations.
Speak to our sales department for a free evaluation of your existing system. This should be done every 18 months to stay abreast of technological advancements and keep you ahead of thieves and gangs.


Code Blue is a security company that is a specialist in home security that includes alarm systems, monitoring and armed response.

The owner, Elmore Deutshmann, is as passionate about the detail of the installation as he is about your security. Over the last 20 years he has firmly established himself as a leader in the world of security.

His vision for Code Blue started off with a technical division, doing installations and sales of electronic security solutions and has grown from there to now include monitoring and an armed response division.

Code Blue has the community’s best interest at heart providing excellent service with quality home security products. At Code Blue clients are treated as family.


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