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Sport Pro HPC is a High Performance Centre that specialises in sport specific conditioning and performance enhancement. A functional gym run by Strength and Conditioning coaches (Sport Scientists) that tests, designs and implements training programs to suit every individual requirement. The HPC caters for all athletes through periodization to the build up of specific sporting events or season long fixtures. Furthermore all test batteries and programs are designed to meet the goal of non-athletes who are looking for more than just another gym contract.

Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach Description:

Sport and Individual specific test batteries are designed and implemented by a S&C specialist to ensure maximal information for planning and program design. Close supervision is key during program implementation ensuring maximum results. Once the program is completed the S&C Coach will retest to closely monitor performance improvements and so the cycle will continue. S&C Coach goals are to ensure performance improvements, reduce the risk of injury and to plan and monitor training loads to allow maximal performance for every sporting event. For the non-athlete we ensure the achievement of personal goals with big focus on health and fitness. Randburg. +27 11 781 3308

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