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Elaine Hall, has been in the beauty industry since March 1997 after achieving her masters as cosmetic Liner-Artist® and trainer for SA. Recently she scaled down and now mainly specialise in feature enhancement and corrective paramedical procedures.

If you have ever considered a FACE LIFT, and would like to achieve 5 - 8 - 10 years added youth without botox or fillers, look no further!

Through corrective feature enhancement procedures it is now possible to achieve natural long lasting beauty and drop dead gorgeous looks all year round through accentuating one's features. Amazing confidence and perfectly applied make up, has never been this easy!

CONTURE® MAKE-UP, is the advancement of the old unnatural and painful Permanent Make-up technique.

With Conture Make up, and entire full face make-over is possible within a 6 - 8 hour treatment session. The level of discomfort experienced depends on individual pain threshold, but varies from minimal to those falling asleep!
Conture® Make up creations will last anything between 3 - 5 to max. 8 years and in some instances depending age, sun exposure, pigment intensity, pigment colour used and touch-ups performed, may last up to 15 years. 


In general a quick 4 - 7 day healing period is norm if proper aftercare instructions are followed with hardly any flakiness noticeable. Normal daily routine can be resumed immediately after treatment, or the next day (if not a 'once-off' procedure).

To ensure the natural breakdown of pigments in the biological skin renewal process, only the finest and highest quality medical grade LTL® semi-permanent pigments derived from plant and mineral origin are used to ensure perfect end results. Certified non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and containing no heavy metals. 

CONTURE® MAKE UP - Procedures include:

• EYEBROWS – The framework of our face
Mimicking your natural hair growth hairs in the finest detail to achieve perfectly fuller and natural looking balanced brows, the finest hair stroke technique is used to even out unbalanced, sparse growing or non existing brows (having the appearance of Microblading, but without the scarring) and more value for your money.
• EYES – The windows to our soul
The finest natural Eyeliner is placed between lashes to create the illusion of thicker growing lashes, to define eye shape and size, emphasize expression and enhance eye colour.
 LIPS – The mouthpiece to all our relationships
To have perfectly defined and voluptuously sensual Lips, is every woman’s dream!
For those who live fast paced lives, love the outdoors and who love being natural more than applying Lipstick, there are now new ways to regain former youthfulness. Lips can be made to appear fuller through minimizing, enlarging and Lip shading techniques (rectifying thinning, smoker's lip or bleeding Lip lines or reconstructing balanced lips due to uneven jaw). 
• and why not consider your very own Cindy Crawford BEAUTY SPOT

Visible scars and imperfections can be a constant source of trauma (due to illness, accident, operation or birth defect). To decrease the severity and increase quality of life, new camouflage and reconstruction techniques have been developed for:  
• Vitiligo, Scar, Pigmentation, Birth and Port wine stains
• Areola and naval reconstruction 
• Due to scars, Cleft lip and fever blisters Lip contours van be rebalanced
• Hairline/-growth stimulation, filling in of Eyelash and Eyebrow hairs (due to Hair loss, burn, accident, alopecia, diabetes, chemo, cancer)
• Wrinkle elimination, stretch mark, scar and tattoo removal.

Who will benefit:

• If you suffer from : Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, dystonia, arthritis, cancer, diabetic, poor sight, excessive sweating, oily skin, are disable, stroke victim or just simply wish to correct some facial symmetry. Or if you dislike applying make-up, but would like to naturally enhance a specific or some features since unsure how to correctly apply make-up or ince allergic to makeup.

Conture® Make up Consultation Quote: R350
• To ensure continued support and achieve absolute perfection and positive end-results, every effort is made prior to commencement of procedure to avoid any miscommunication. 

Therefor a 1 Hr. compulsory individual assessment, pre-draw trial is advised and include:
Your Before and After make-over pictures, and include alternative combination suggestions for you to consider. 
• If no time constraints on the day, you may wish to wait for your quote but in general will email all and if you are happy and wish to proceed your deposit will secure you booking.
A NO obligation acceptance Quote Policy applies. You are free to choose 1 procedure or postpone treatment to a later date, whatever you feel comfortable with. In this way you will always be able to reflect back on what possibilities lie ahead, or reminisce on what could have been. 
• All Quotes include 1 x perfection touch-up and a 2nd check-up (to the discretion of the Liner-Artist® but not obliged). 
• To avoid additional charges, a 1 Month Completion Rule applies! Kindly check your diary, before scheduling your 1st actual treatment to check your availability for all follow-up dates ie. no upcoming events, functions or dinner appointments immediately or day after treatment if you wish to look at your absolute best. If your dates don't match with the timeframes, please do not be afraid to discuss. 
Upon acceptance of Quote, a 50% deposit will secure your appointment. However a 100% ‘once-off’ payment automatically include your 14-day perfection touch-up and if need be possible final check-up.
• You are assured of the International Long-Time-Liner®, min.1.5/2 year Quality workmanship Guarantee and this falls into place once the 14 - 21 day follow-up treatment is complete.
• 'Once-off’ procedures are mostly applicable to non-local residents visiting a short while, since in these case perfection treatments are not possible (and will be very intense!)
• Since my reputation is at stake, I do not always give clients what they want nor do I engage in 2 for the price of 1 or rushed ‘quick fix’ camouflage procedures. l will always give my best advice, according to my years of experience even if it means no income!

 IMPORTANT - Your initial Consultation booking: 
Please do remember not to apply - any base, mascara, eye or lip pencils, lip staining or stay fast lipstick and on the morning wear big sunglasses if this is a concern for you.
• Your Conture® Makeup creation involves meticulously fine, precision and intense detail work and cannot be rushed! 

Lash & Brow tinting:

To help your eyes pop and to get a perfect arch, add geometric balance, definition and volume, this vegetable based dye will glaze and polish your brows and lashes to perfection.

Skin Needling: From R850 (30 min.) to R1000 (1 hr.)

Non-invasive | Simple | Safe | Painless and used to stimulate the production of new Collagen - NO complications with consistently great results!

• Prevent and delay old age (ideal for baby boomers).
• Improve skin texture ie. Rejuvenate sun damaged skin, Pigmentation, Freckle lightening.
• Tighten sagging skin ie. Neck, face, eyelids and underarm.
•  Hypertrophic scar tissue ie. Stretch marks caused by pregnancy, being overweight, rapid growth in puberty and weightlifting.
• Reduce / remove deep facial lines ie. Forehead frown lines, Crows feet, Under eye bags, Fine lines and wrinkles and Smoker’s lip.
• Refine, reduce the depth of ie. Acne pits and scars, Clogged and enlarged pores, Ingrown hair, Gnat and Spider bites, Fever blister, Chickenpox, Surgical, Burn, Accident wound scars and Keloid deflation.
• Hair re-growth stimulation ie. premature balding, Alopecia, Vitiligo, Chemotherapy
• Birth and Port wine stains.
• Spider veins | Broken Capillaries

Piercing: From R350/400 (Include aftercare and aftercare instructions). Baby's welcome.

• Ear, Nose and Belly Piercing

Skin Lesion Removal: From R875 per 30min. session or R80 for 5 minutes 

• Superficial minor skin lesions: Skin tags, spider veins, cherry angioma, Warts, moles, Age spots, pitted acne etc. etc.  

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