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Kem de Beers Pharmacy is located in Ben Viljoen Street, Pretoria North, Pretoria, South Africa. We are a specialized group in the health sector, specializing in primary health care and are open 7 days a week at convenient pharmacy times.

Through our professional, client-focused approach, Kem de Beers Pharmacy strives to be the preferred pharmacy for you; your first pharmacy choice. We offer the quality of a trusted local pharmacy combined with the stability of more than 40 years of experience. This enables us to understand our clients and patients, their special needs, prescriptions, local community health concerns, and the importance of personalized care – the building blocks to a healthy family and a strong local community.


Our team of highly qualified pharmacists, pharmacist technicians, clinic sister, and front shop assistants strives to provide a friendly, professional service and an outstanding shopping experience.

As the “pharmacy near me” in the Pretoria North region, we strive to meet the needs of our clients and patients, and provide superior customer satisfaction.

Key services provided by Kem de Beers Pharmacy include the following:

Dispensing of Medicines

This involves the dispensing of medication, including:

·         ADD medication

·         Migraine medication

·         Bipolar medication

·         Herpes medication

·         Medication for chronic fatigue

·         Medication for anxiety.


We also provide advice on medication and dosage interactions to both patients and physicians / medical practitioners. In addition, our pharmacists can advise on the side effects of medication, and generic alternatives.


Chronic Medication

As a dispensing pharmacy, we focus on the dispensing of medicines for all chronic health conditions, and also provide advice on what is chronic disease.


Kem de Beers Pharmacy is contracted to most medical aids to supply chronic medication, for instance:

·         Bestmed chronic medication

·         Bonitas chronic medication

·         Discovery chronic medication

·         Fedhealth chronic medication

·         Gems chronic medication

·         Hosmed chronic medication

·         Medihelp chronic medication.


Pharmacy Clinic

We offer a clinic service where the health and progress of patients are monitored to ensure the safe and effective use of medication. If you are prescribed a new medicine for the first time for either an existing or recently diagnosed health problem, we can assist with advice to ensure the best results.


Our clinic services also include the following health checks and vaccinations:

·    Blood pressure testing

·    Cholesterol testing – A simple ‘finger prick’ test

·    Blood glucose testing – Another simple finger prick test

·    Flu vaccinations.

As part of the clinic services, we can also provide you with advice and information on keeping healthy, e.g. how to stop smoking, how to eat healthily and how to get enough exercise. If required, we also provide references to dieticians.


Baby Clinic

Our baby clinic provides pre-natal and post-natal care, support through all baby development stages, vaccinations and immunizations, and advice on breast feeding, baby constipation remedies, and family planning.


Support for Self-care

Our staff will provide you with professional advice on how to look after your own health and that of your family in a cost-effective manner. This includes advice on treating minor ailments like coughs, flu and colds, or longer term conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes.


Other Products and Services:

For the convenience of our clients, Kem de Beers Pharmacy also stocks items such as shampoos, deodorants, gifts, snack foods, vitamin and diet health-related products, first-aid kits, mobility aids, and a selected range of cosmetics.


Special Services:

·         Phone and collect service: Save time by using our phone and connect service. Just phone us when you need to have a prescription for chronic or acute medication made up, or ask your general practitioner to fax through your prescription. We will prepare your medication for collection from our dedicated collection counter.

·         Delivery service: Phone us if it is not possible for you to collect. We offer a free delivery service in Pretoria North. A postal delivery service is also available

·         Disposal of unwanted medicines: If you have any unused medicines at your home, you can bring these to us for safe disposal. This is a free service to our valued customers.

·         Overseeing training of pharmacy interns and pharmacy technicians.


In addition, Kem de Beers pharmacy offers a client discount card, which enables you to save on all your purchases. The CashBack card also gives you access to discount and an income stream at a large number of other Cashback merchants, both locally and abroad.


Kem de Beers is the pharmacy for you.


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