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East London: This long standing Liss family business offers you excellent, efficient service and the best prices. No matter what your needs – whether your vehicle is light or ultra-performing passenger, SUV or 4X4, a fleet of trucks or tractors and earthmovers – Auto Tyres stocks and services your tyres.

From the time you pull up to the service bay till you experience that smooth feel of new or well balanced and aligned tyres as you drive away – your visit will be an experience of class. Auto Tyres only stock quality products avoiding the low performance, low mileage and low safety alternatives. It is no wonder that they are still the only appointed Continental Conti Partner in East London. This proud record they have held for 17 years!

Class is a category of its own. In the tyre business it starts with the product. Auto Tyres add experienced and expert staff – always on hand – always friendly who give advice that will save you money and ensure your safe travel. On top of that you will get speedy and efficient workmanship. If in 40,000kms time you have a query – phone the sales desk – their records of the service will be available to you.

Auto Tyres: Excellent Efficiency – Great Prices 



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