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Members that wants to apply for a bond
- The member benefit will only be applicable on the financing for the purchasing of a residential property through FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank and ABSA. It will not be applicable on bond switches and further advances.
- Integrabond CC’s commission agreement with the banks is 0.74% + VAT of the loan amount approved up to R3 Million. Commission is not payable on the portion of a loan amount exceeding R3 Million as per our agreement with the banks. Please note that the aforementioned commission rate is subject to change should the banks alter their agreement with us.
- If a Member’s bond is approved, the member’s benefit will be 5% cashback plus 10 shopping points for every R1,000 commission earned. Example based on a bond of R1 Million that has been approved:
The commission that Integrabond will receive is 0.74% of R1 Million which is R7,400.
The Cashback Benefit for the Member is 5% thereof, which is R370.
1% Direct and Indirect Friendship Bonus is R74.
The member will receive 10 shopping points for every R1,000 commission earned, which will come to 70.4 shopping points.
Please note that benefits are only applicable if the member contact us directly for finance and not via any third party.


Integrabond is a specialist Mortgage Origination Business with many years of banking and financing experience. 

We mainly deal with the 4 Major Banks (FNB, Nedbank, Absa, Standard Bank) and Investec on our client’s behalf with respect to the purchasing of residential property, nationally.
The Banks remunerate us directly, and therefore we offer a totally free service to our clients.  
We submit applications to multiple banks and negotiate for the best interest rates and suitable bond terms for our client’s.  
See the pdf download under "extras" for a schedule illustrating the benefits of doing your home loan through us.

Note that unfortunately our offering does not include switching your existing bond to another bank.  

Operating Hours:

Mon - Fri          08H00 to 17H00   


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