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About Taiva Cosmetics

Taiva - where innovation and sustainability meet to enhance your beauty while taking care of the planet.

Taiva means "sky" or "heaven" in Finnish. Our founders were inspired by the idea that women have infinite potential, much like the boundless sky. When it comes to female beauty, they knew that every one of you has an inner goddess that is about to uncover heavenly beauty. That is why Taiva’s cosmetic products were formulated to improve overall skin appearance while leaving lasting results on your radiant complexion. 

They believe that adopting the practice of using exclusively innovative cosmetics with the highest quality, ethically sourced components in the products, with an emphasis on eco-friendly, highly effective formulas that are gentle on the skin and the planet is crucial for enduring beauty & environment at the same time. All Taiva products are developed by excluding potent and harmful ingredients to make sure your skin is nourished.

You do not deserve less than a luxury!


The brand's values center around sustainable beauty, with a commitment to using ethically sourced ingredients that are kind to both: the skin and the environment. 

Our ultimate goal is to create a top premium cosmetics brand that develops personal and meaningful relationships with our customers. We curate and manufacture sustainable, eco-friendly beauty products using only authentic, high-quality ingredients that deliver tangible effects. Therefore, we build brand loyalty by providing excellent products and services to our customers.


Like the limitless sky above, our brand stands for beauty, empowerment, and care. This is because Taiva products are made with only the purest, eco-friendliest components. 

The mission of Taiva is to empower women to embrace their natural beauty and boost their self-confidence to reach for the stars. We aim to inspire and uplift women, by promoting the message of self-care and self-love, encouraging them to prioritize well-being. We stand for health, fitness, and beauty. 

The Branding

Pure, minimalistic white packaging made of recyclable materials crowned with a golden line- just like a goddess in an infinite white dress with a golden crown sitting on her throne up in the heavens. Because we believe our products should be simple, eco- friendly, and enjoyable. 

Remember: The self-care starts with health, fitness, and relaxation. 

Join us on this quest to reimagine the beauty industry and discover the Taiva world of beauty.


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