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About Sangar Webstore

Sangar creates and sells high quality shirts, to support the aspirations of progress-oriented people. We see stately look as currency that can be converted into success and eminence both in professional as well as in private life. Sangar`s quality management has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards.


Our story : 

55 million shirts means billions of stitches, buttons and hours. In other words, tons of experience and hard work. We couldn`t learn from the best so we had to become the best ourselves. All our finely tailored shirts are crafted in Estonia. You can call us control freaks but only this way we can be sure that the shirt you are wearing meets the quality that you demand. Wear it without wearing out. 

Sangar has been manufacturing quality shirts in Estonia since 1956. There is a man with a vision behind this success story. Jüri Kraft became director of the factory at the age of 28 and firmly guided it through tough times. He did it with the help of commitment, skills and traditions. Kraft`s vision of Sangar was well thought through and he looked to the future instead of attempting to earn a quick profit. When other manufacturers cut back on production, Kraft knew to retain his main asset - his experienced professionals. Without these people and their experience Sangar would be nothing more than an ordinary shirt producer today.

One can say that in a way, all Sangar shirts look like their maker. They reflect stern gentlemanly qualities, a fine elegance, self-confidence and the ambition to be perfect in every detail. Sangar continues its steady course and continually gains new customers. Something has obviously been done in the right way.

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