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Cashback & Shopping Points at Intuit Quickbooks

  • 22 USD + 11 Customer purchases Payroll without trial (Buy Now)
  • 20 USD + 10 Customer purchases a subscription from a free 30-day trial of Payroll
  • 3.25 USD + 0.33 Customer completes form for free 30-day trial of Payroll
  • You get Cashback and Shopping Points proportionately from the very first cent. The specified SP amount corresponds to a purchase of 150 USD.
  • Accepted Online Shopping

Terms and Conditions at Intuit Quickbooks

Phone sales, Assisted Payroll, Direct Deposit, Billing Solutions, Bill Pay Service, Online Banking, QuickBooks MasterCard, Online Backup Service, Shipping Manager, Remote Access, Time Tracker, Build a Website, Gift Cards, Customer Mgr Online, Services from Quickbook Marketplace, Marketing Tools, Payment Solutions, Check/Supplies, Product Trial Versions, and Intuit Payment Network Go Payment are not eligible for benefits. If your order contains one or more of these items your entire order is no longer eligible for benefits.

IMPORTANT: This merchant will not accept order inquiries for missed sales or incorrect sales.

This Merchant reserves the right to reconcile or adjust the value on any transaction that is attributed to another marketing channel.

Any offers, discounts, or promotional codes used from another site or from another source other than our website will void all member benefits for your transaction.

Do not contact the online merchant regarding your member rewards - please contact Member Service. This Loyalty Merchant uses the net value of your purchase as the basis to calculate your Shopping Benefits since this represents the standard type of compensation for this Loyalty Merchant.

Before placing an order, please make sure your Browser has the correct Cookies settings . You will find all other important information regarding this topic in the Online Shopping section FAQ's !

About Intuit Quickbooks

Intuit Inc., the maker of TurboTax and QuickBooks, is the market leader in small business accouning and payroll software. We are proud to extend our award-winning products and services that revolutionize the way people manage their small business and personal finances, to your website. We are dedicated to providing you with the tools and team for your to succeed. Join Today!

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