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Does your Marketing Message attract all of the attention you expect online & social media? 
If you want to STAND OUT, then Online Pit Crew is the one to help. We help businesses get noticed on Google, Facebook & Zoom. We work in sight & sound – creating marketing that draws the eye AND tells a clear and concise message that moves your prospect to be ready to close. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can add a $Million DOLLARS in new sales to your business.  
A video tells a story – which is more Interesting & Entertaining increasing Engagement with the audience.
Aa video increases Understanding and Retention of its message
Videos can Close the sale nearly 80% of the time they are viewed
So how can you get these results without spending thousands?  
MyDigiVideo suite – 12 apps that allow you to create videos that convert without you being on camera or any creative video experience. How simple is it? 
•Just use one of the templates already made for you.
• Change any photos to better tell your story.
•Add the short text needed for emphasis AND identification (Brand/Logo).
•Adjust the colors to fit your logo or look.
•Chose the background music.
And you have a custom video that you can use anywhere – download it & it's yours.
Best of all, you can make as many videos as you need – for specific prospects, for specific media, or for specific proposals – ALL for the initial purchase price.
Not the individual prices competitors charge of $99 to $999 for a single video.
And yes there are more capabilities in the MyDigiVideo suite that allow you to create videos that are equivalent to the most expensive competitive videos! 
To get this Million-dollar sales tool, See our Special Deal in the Benefit Store
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