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Terms and conditions

Reservations are necessary for our escape rooms at 828 South Central Ave! We try our hardest to accommodate walk-ins and last minute bookings.

Box Office Hours (in-store reservations and mystery party ticket sales): Wednesday - Sunday, 3 pm - 7 pm

Online reservations are possible until 2 hours prior to the booking slot. Walk-ins and last-minute phone bookings are accommodated if a game host is immediately available.

Reservations are available 7 days/week with the exception of certain holidays and occasional Monday closures for staff meetings & maintenance. Click the “Book” button for each escape room to view the schedule.


Stumpt! escape games are a fantastic way to spend quality time with friends and family. Every Stumpt! escape room is hosted by a live actor, who plays a character in the storyline. This creates a more immersive & fun experience while eliminating cumbersome communication equipment like computer screens and walkie-talkies. It also allows for creative clue-giving. Our escape rooms are challenging! Make them more challenging by refusing clues from our game hosts, or ask for as many as you like! Either way, if you do not beat the clock in time, we allow you to finish the game. We are focused on giving every single group the best possible experience and will not rush you out the door to make way for the next booking.

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