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PowerTies Consulting Group is founded on building powerful business relationships. Working with PowerTies will help generate success in your business through intense coaching centered around your own goals and holding you accountable to them. It takes leadership and commitment to run a business in today’s complex and changing environment. However, while some businesses struggle, others continue to grow. What is the difference? The difference is partly how much the people within the organization have honed their skills in leadership, sales, and marketing. However, more than that, a business’ success is dependent on how deep their relationships are with their clients, peers, suppliers, vendors, and competitors. Mutual respect and understanding between people in key positions make doing business easy.
With a strict code of ethics, forged by the teachings of West Point and the Army, PowerTies builds strong relationships with its clients through analysis that delivers results and builds pipelines of business generating qualified business referrals. There is no magic pill that will transform a team into a powerful engine for generating referrals overnight. It takes time, effort, direction, and integrity to build long-­term, effective business relationships with clients and others in multiple industries. All the members of the team at PowerTies have done the work necessary for success. Now, PowerTies delivers its assistance and referrals to all of its clients with accurate and deliberately ­positive, business ­producing results.

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