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We have a wide variety of sweets that you would like! We have fried twist/baked twist/vanilla swirl and bun. We have a taro bun, steamed bun taro, purple yam, milk taro bun, cream cheese bun, plain steamed bun, Apple turn over, long cheng bread, strawberry bun, rice cake, layer cake, strawberry mouse/mango mouse, steamed coconut, cheese cake variely, cup cake, Oreo mouse, carrot cake, donut cake, chocolate chip brownie, cheese cake brownie, brownie chocolet outrange, limoncello mascarpore cake, pandan mouse, strawberry cream roll.


We offer a variety of baked goods.

  • Cheesecakes
  • macaroons
  • cream cheese bun
  • milk taro bun
  • purple yam
  • strawberry bun

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