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Platinum World Entertainment's Artist, Robert Conner AKA Rob C was born to parents: Robert Conner, Sr. and Henrietta Owens. He was born and raised in Paducka, Kentucky. Rob C was by definition a musical prodigy. He could pick up and play any instrument that he laid his hands upon; instruments that ranged from: the trumpet, drums, piano, saxophone and a variety of many more. His love for music began at the tender age of four years old, where he was a member of the choir and many gospel singing groups.

As Rob C grew, his love for singing, writing, and producing music also grew. Wherever he went people recognized him and wanted him to sing and perform from them. His name spread throughout the whole community. 

It was in high school that a classmate recognized his talents and suggested that he perform at a showcase to get signed. Rob C left Kentucky for the first time in his life in hopes of advancing his musical career. He reached Reno, NV and performed at the Epic Impact Convention (1998). It was at this eventful weekend where his dream of getting signed came true. He got signed to Indie label, Rockland Records (Interscope Records is the parent company). It was also during this weekend where he met R. Kelly and began working closely with him. 

From 1998-2004 Rob C wrote and produced music for Rockland Records/Interscope Records. He honed his craft and grew as artist during that time. Rob C starred in music videos and was in the movie Barbershop. 

Rob C took time out over the years to raise his family and mentor others around him. He returned back to music in 2014, after a 10-year hiatus and dropped One More Time.

His debut album will be released in Spring 2015. Stay tuned.. 


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